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Originally Posted by Sam Hill View Post
Yes you did. The denial of anthropogenic climate change is only possible if you think you somehow know better than the world's foremost experts who have devoted their entire academic and professional careers to the study of the climate.

You keep saying this.^ It implies the climate crisis was not caused by human activity and has been naturally occurring for thousands of years. It's a completely bizarre thing to mention in this context and a cringe-worthy display of ignorance.

Have you never seen the goddamned "hockey stick" graph? Here, this just happened to be sitting in my news feed today:
You're inventing stuff that I never talked about. There is no solution to warming. It's all about redirecting money. That's all it's always been about.

The Earth is warming, as it has for the last 18,000 years. Nobody has a solution on how to cool the Earth. Nobody. Nobody has determined at what temperature the Earth should cool to. What is the baseline? Nobody has established this.

Isn't it extremely unfair to have the Earth warm to a certain point, allowing some nations to reap the benefits of a warm world, while leaving other lands too cold to grow crops? When will we have that discussion? Or is that even a discussion to consider? Think about how much land is too damn cold to do anything with on this planet.

Land on Earth is about 29% of the surface, and human settlements are on about 1%.

Most of Canada, Alaska, most of Asia, Nordic nations, all of Antartica, all of Greenland -- it's so damn cold to use the land, live, or grow crops.