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Originally Posted by mousquet View Post
^ Your link goes to a classical 404 - page not found error to me...

I'm wondering whether anyone on here is aware of the tremendous complexity of the problem. It is scary as hell.

I hope some more advanced minds rise from the terrible problem.
Usually, when there's a real bad problem, people suddenly grow smarter.
Ha ha ha.
I fixed it (I think). People who put spaces in URLs should be taken out back and shot .

The "classic" economic study of course is the Stern Review, although it is quite old at this point (and many of its assumptions about the rate of climate change turned out to be overly optimistic).

The common result of all serious cost-benefit-analyses has been that action is necessary and of course they differ on how much reduction of carbon is optimal. Unfortunately we are far short of achieving even the bare minimum reduction required by any analysis, which leads to increased costs down the road.
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