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I certainly wouldn't bet on any fact that northern regions like Canada or Siberia could ever benefit from the phenomenon already ongoing.

Suppose a 3°C global increase, on average. That is an average, which means temperatures on continents would most often be unbearable in the summer season. In fact, all seasons over land areas would be completely messed up.

Water can seize some heat, so temperatures would likely remain more moderate over oceans, but land areas release the heat they receive, as a return.
It definitely would be hellish. I'm so scared just thinking about it... Far from sure it would be feasible, possible to manage.

Add other factors to the scary issue, like human population constantly increasing, vital resources like phosphorus limited and so on, you get to an equation that no one can solve.

Of course we're all freaked out like nuts now. But who should we blame on? Our own greed, most obviously.
It appears Earth was designed for humans to be fair and friendly, not so greedy or aggressive.
That's all. We got to deal with what we've actually got.
Ils ne savaient pas que c'était impossible, alors ils l'ont fait.
They didn't know it was impossible, so they did it.
That's partly what the Lord teaches about.