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^ plants can adjust to warmer climates but many places will face intensive desertification we which is harder for plants to adapt with. Anyway it's a weird question to ask since of course even the most reprehensible actions have positives. If we murdered 10% of people at random I'm sure many douchebags would be killed, for example.
It's an entirely relevant question to ask when we're discussing spending many Trillions of dollars to stop global warming. Most rational people would weigh out the pros and cons of even a modest purchase and you're expecting us not to do the same for decisions which would cost Trillions? This sort of thinking is exactly the reason environmentalists are so damn stupid. They get offended at any sort of rational cost/benefit analysis. Their logic is entirely black and white. They deem something bad and they think no amount of money is too much to fix it. That's not how the world works.