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Guess your professor couldn't answer your question because there is most likely no positive effect to this phenomenon, at least not for ourselves and most other species. The obvious prediction is that it would trigger a chain of events that would gradually turn Earth into an overheated hellhole, sort of like planet Venus whose atmosphere is saturated with greenhouse gasses, CO2 in particular.
Nothing about that statement is true. And there are indeed many studies of the positive effects of global warming. Some countries like Canada and Russia are expected to receive considerable positive benefits from it. The problem is just that the Earth is a sphere so there's a lot more surface area near the equator that would get worse for humans than there is surface area near the poles that would get better for humans. So the net effect is negative even though some regions see a positive benefit. It will be pretty simply to adapt plants to grow in the warmer climates though so food isn't likely to be much of an issue. The only real inescapable issue is sea level rise and the effect it will have on our coastal communities. Global warming is bad, but it's no catastrophe by any means. It's nothing like the threats our ancestors faces like say the bubonic plague.