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Originally Posted by Sam Hill View Post
I get it. It's a tough pill to swallow - especially in the midst of this culture war. It means - as it pertains to this topic at least - those damn liberals were completely right all along and our side was completely wrong. (I'm assuming you're conservative at this point.)

The fact that there was an ice age tens of thousands of years ago doesn't challenge the scientific consensus regarding the climate crisis in any way whatsoever, and in the context of this conversation, is completely irrelevant. In fact, attempting to present it as evidence that this crisis isn't a crisis, or that it isn't unprecedented and completely anthropogenic, is an unfortunate display of ignorance.

There is no climate religion; there is only appropriate, commensurate concern. And there is no hate, obviously. You're just taking advantage of the opportunity to co-opt that word - likely because you're tired of the left hyperbolically lobbing it around in other, unrelated theaters of this culture war.

This issue really shouldn't be partisan. The only reason it is is because of a certain lobby - the same lobby that for decades successfully obfuscated the truth about rising levels of lead across the globe. The fact that it has somehow become partisan is a travesty of the democratic process.
I actually agree with you, this shouldn't be partisan. However, it seems to be that way on both sides.

Look at the GND, it was like 60% about anything but the environment. What does a federal job gaurentee have to do with the environment? Or sexism? Why do people like Bernie say they will not only not allow new nuclear plants(that are MUCH safer) but won't even renew older plants leases? If you TRULY thought climate change was the biggest issue on Earth, wouldn't every necessary step possible to stem the tide be worth it?

I'll explain this as simply as I can...I am a conservative. I know what they think. The phrase "green is the new red" rings true to a lot of people. This is because so much of climate change talk *always* reverts back to the government have massive new powers(and a lot of them having nothing to do with climate change). Bernie, for example, wants to spend 1.6 trillion dollars per year for the next 10 years, nearly doubling our budget. Meanwhile, places like New Delhi have air quality that can only be matched by American cities during extreme forest fires(I think SF came close last year). We ban plastic straws while one Amazon package has more plastic in it then all the straws I use in a decade.

A lot of this is moral posturing. That's why I like Yang's proposals. He is being serious about the issue but actually tackling it head-on and not including stupid things that have nothing to do with climate change. That's how you get the whole country on board.

But really, if you study climate change and can't name ONE positive thing about it, you're not researching climate change, you're researching how to make it look as bad as possible.