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Originally Posted by jtown,man View Post
I asked a professor of mine, who has written a lot of articles about climate change, "so we all know about the negative consequences of climate change, what are the positives to a warming planet?"

He had no answer. A guy who has spent the last 10 years writing papers and researching this issue has not even thought about the positives of a warming planet. This informs me that this is more than science, this has become a political religion full of dogma.
I for one can understand your sort of thinking.
Actually, some people here in my country are harsh to environmentalists for the same kind of reasons, mostly because they are very worried about the economy and can't figure how the development model we've relied on for over 100 years - which is based on fossil fuels - could ever change positively. That's the fearsome challenge we're facing, definitely one of the hardest in entire mankind history.

So, you're not totally wrong in that everything has to be a subject to criticism, if not downright harshly questioned, except for things that are strictly, scientifically proven since these are no ideological dogma, they are just facts.

And you know what? By now science as a whole is already clear in that matter. Burning fossil fuels at the rate we do so to maintain our established economy releases an excessive amount of CO2 into Earth's atmosphere. Far far more than volcanoes do, and more that Earth can seize by its natural mechanisms to regulate the atmosphere.

Guess your professor couldn't answer your question because there is most likely no positive effect to this phenomenon, at least not for ourselves and most other species. The obvious prediction is that it would trigger a chain of events that would gradually turn Earth into an overheated hellhole, sort of like planet Venus whose atmosphere is saturated with greenhouse gasses, CO2 in particular.

There is a whole ton of credible documentation on the topic. So forget about politics, that's the annoying dogma, and just stick to scientific studies and conclusions.
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