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Originally Posted by Hayward View Post
Your choice. Same with the AA thread which has been open for 10 years. Detroitman and I had chatted about old threads this last weekend. Personally I still like following these threads but don’t have the interest in maintaining them now that I’m out of state. Plus the spirit toward any of our input is somewhat negative and I guess left for local members to discuss.
That's too bad about the negative reactions from others...just because someone is no longer 'local' should not automatically disqualify them from contributing. For example, you 'hands-down' know more about A2 than me, even though I grew up just a little over an hour from there. Likewise, I lived in PA for nearly 8 years before moving back to Michigan, but I still like following what's going on over there, and contributing from time to time. People need to get over their pride, or ignorance, or whatever.

I'll try and get this thread moving again - I usually have a little more time on weekends - and we can see where it goes.

And thanks to whoever updated the thread title (LMich?).
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