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Originally Posted by ue View Post
The difference between HRT and LRT absolutely is rolling stock (which is how it has higher capacity more easily), but not grade separation or frequency.
No, it’s really not. That’s a very US-centric view of what’s heavy rail/rapid transit. You yourself brought up Paris Metro’s (one of the best in the world) mostly narrow-body trains — they’re even narrower than LA’s LRVs, which are about the same width as the NYC Subway’s A Division rolling stock. London Underground and Madrid Metro also have trains with narrower profiles, with the latter running on overhead catenary lines. Capacity comes from greater frequency, which is made possible by grade-separation in areas with lots of vehicular traffic.

LA's Kinkisharyo P3010s, which will eventually constitute the bulk of the LRT fleet, feel quite spacious inside. And this is without bench-style seating.
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