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Originally Posted by left of center View Post
It was an old street car tunnel, one of three total in the Loop. The others were at Washington and Lasalle, the former which still has the tunnel portals very visible (used for underground parking garage access now).
No, the ramp at LaSalle/Kinzie that leads to Carroll St is a block south of where the old tunnel portal used to sit. None of the old portals remain visible, although in most cases the structures are still there underground.

The LaSalle tunnel was severed by the Blue Line subway under Lake St, and the Van Buren Tunnel now has underground parking garages sitting at both of the old portal locations. Washington is really the only tunnel that could still be used, but it's not clear for what.

Actually I think 311 S Wacker was designed to integrate with the tunnel in the future, if the city ever decided to use it. From the lower level of the winter garden, they'd just need to add one pair of escalators going down.

Originally Posted by Mister Uptempo View Post
Obviously, the crews that built BMO Tower encountered the Van Buren tunnel. Anybody know how they dealt with it? Could the tunnel still be tied back into Union Station and the all-weather passage that will eventually be completed to the Clinton Blue Line Station?
Not sure but I imagine they obliterated it for the core foundation. It probably still remains in place up to the west line of Canal St so it could still be connected via elevator/stairs to the Union Station pedway.
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