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Chitowncity, you have finally prompted me to get an account on SSP...I've been lurking these forums daily since about 2004 when I was about 14, but never registered since I really have no pertinent info to share. For years I've learned alot about development and real estate on this website listening to the guys like SpyGuy, Bvic, Tup, etc. and I have to say thanks to every1 on Chicago's page for sharing their opinions and knowledge about developments, etc. as its helped me over the years to decide and begin reaching my goals. You guys have really helped me focus on TOD, projects' density, how to fight nimbys in a positive way, storefront retail. etc. and overall what makes a good development.

Since I was a kid I wanted to be an architect and I left high school with the intention of getting an architecture degree at Siu-c. I basically spent my first 1.5 years there as a premajor, then basically through this website I learned a developer arguably can have a much greater impact on architecture than the architect himself. (and im not artistic/tedious enough for it neway) So now Im a jr n my major is finance specializing in real estate with a double minor in management and accounting.

As I'm finishing my undergrad I'm really starting to search for networking and job opportunities like shadowing, internships, etc. I am going to probably start trying to network by volunteering with CAF (chicago arch. foundation). Then I would LOVE to get an MRED for grad school and Im just starting to learn about that program. If anybody has any info on that it'd be much appreciated. Also I'd like to begin to build my capital and rep by starting at a major development company in Chicago. I was wondering if I could get some SSP'ers opinion on what they think are some of the best and most promising development companies in/around Chicago.

I'd love to start a thread for this but being new not really sure how to do much. I'm just a college kid hoping to gain some more knowledge so I can hopefully some day have an impact on development in the greatest city in the world. Someday I hope I can listen to ur guys demands (And get rid of those DAMN surface lots, n keep as many old buildings standing as possible)
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