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Originally Posted by ChiTownCity View Post
^ Thanks NowhereMan now that'll definitely help me out! I work much more aggressively when I get clear descriptions. I currently know a couple people personally that work in the real estate department (not sure exactly what do they do but I'll ask). I also currently own a property (not mines but my mom's and we were renovating it but started oppurtunitiesaccumulating too much debt. Currently renting out another one), so I'll have 1 property to work on when I get this ball rolling. Do you have any recommendations for schools that may be a good choice? Where did you graduate from? I would still like to head to NY for school, but now it doesn't seem like that'll be a good idea...
Good, be careful using too much debt to renovate properties. Do as much of the labor as you can by yourself on your first properties. Spend the money you save on better finishes, it will pay off.

I graduated from Loyola University Chicago. Don't go there unless you can get a lot of scholarship. I had about 2/3 scholarship and still ended up with $40k in debt. How old are you now? You should look at schools in an around Chicago simply because you will have the best networking opportunities there (business school is more about networking than learning). Look at UIC (virtually free for Illinois residents) and IIT (can be pricey). See if you can get scholarships at Loyola and DePaul, but don't got there unless you do. Another excellent alternative is to look at University of Wisconsin - Madison. The only problem is that their business program is extremely hard to get into. Same goes for University of Illinois...

Going to school in NYC will be expensive, but have slightly better networking opportunities than Chicago. Then again, Chicago is a much more affordable market to start in.

Again, the entire time you are in school you should be thinking "are you going to be a useful contact in the future" every time you meet someone. This includes professors, family friends, friends, and random people at parties. When you meet someone who impresses you, befriend them and it will pay dividends.
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