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Here is a link to a proposal for 68 W. 8th Street. This is a 4-story, 30-unit mixed-use project, which would be an expansion of the currently under-construction 60 W. 8th St. which itself has 21 units. The proposal is fairly recent, from May 20. This would be adjacent to the new mixed-use development at 102 W. 8th St. - which will be anchored by a movie theater, bakery, and Hopcat. This all furthers the city's goals of connecting the market and civic center to the main retail activity center further east.

The article below summarizes pretty well all of the cosntruction occuring along W. 8th Street right now -

Eighth Street construction continues to progress
Austin Metz | Holland Sentinel
June 3, 2018

Construction is underway on a number of projects located along West Eighth Street. In total, there are six projects in the works including a movie theatre, a parking ramp and mixed-purpose units with apartments, condos and retail space.

HOLLAND — For Holland residents and tourists alike, if someone has ventured down Eighth Street past River Avenue recently, the question they are asking has to do with the progress on the construction down to Pine Avenue.

It is a question that is not easily answered because there are actually a number of projects in the works right now. The projects, which are being completed by GDK Construction, stretch almost the entire way from River Avenue to Pine Avenue between Eighth Street and Ninth Street excluding the businesses located on River Avenue. The series of projects began with the renovation of The Sentinel building, 54 W. Eighth St., which also paved the way for the addition of Seventy-Six restaurant. Now the attention has turned to the remainder of the block, which will be transformed after the tearing down of old buildings and parking lots and the addition of six new structures...
North Elevation - the four-story building on the left is currently U/C by the same developer -

West Elevation -

South Elevation -

Site Demo Plan -

Site Layout Plan -

Source: City of Holland

A reminder of the 102 W. 8th St. project, which at one point as proposed as 4-stories -

Source: Holland Sentinel
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