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California HSR is Peachy
The state's rail modernization project is looking up thanks to Georgia's election results

California’s high-speed rail project is now poised to receive some $20 billion in federal funding, thanks to yesterday’s two senate seat runoff elections in Georgia. “I think this will be great news for CAHSR,” said Andy Kunz, President & CEO of the US HSR association. He added that between Joe Biden’s support for rail and the expected stimulus bill that will come out of the White House, coupled with a Democrat-controlled legislature, California’s rail project in particular stands to gain.

California has an enormous advantage in the competition for stimulus funds because it’s not just “shovel ready”–it’s under construction. “With federal support for economic recovery, the California High-Speed Rail Authority stands ready to put dollars to work,” wrote the authority’s Michele Boudreau, in an email to Streetsblog. “We’re well underway on the biggest and greenest infrastructure project in the nation. We stand ready to create more jobs and boost more small businesses both across the state and across the country.”

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