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this will be another 'Mission Bay and environs' post...

starting in Showplace Square...

John King wrote recently about 1 De Haro (and two other upcoming projects in the area):

The newcomer at 1 De Haro, designed by Peter Pfau of Perkins and Will, will be the first mass timber project in San Francisco, but two more are close behind. ...

One will be a five-minute walk away on Hooper Street: California College of the Arts plans to break ground next spring on a trio of pavilions made of laminated timber that will rise from a shared concrete base. The other will be wood from bottom to top, a six-story structure at Pier 70. The design is as tall as California allows and should be the nation’s largest timber office building when it opens in 2022.

nearby, the dorms for CCA are a solid mass

down the street, the one on 16th at Carolina has finally lost its shroud. right now this one sticks out as an anomaly, but this is what 16th St massing should look more like on both sides of the street through this stretch, IMHO

and further down the street, MasononMariposa progresses

the through-passage from the 'back'

the east side, on Arkansas. blends in fairly seamlessly with its surroundings


speaking of Arkansas, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this one had finally gotten going, after being a hole in the ground for seems like a couple years.

looking at the relationship of this last one with the Carolina and 16th building, in the background

I think the Dropbox people have started moving into the Exchange

the UCSF housing on Minnesota

another look at 2177 Third

this is it from the back. there must be a small L-shaped lot that wraps around that corner; too bad it couldn't have been developed together

this might not mean much to someone who doesn't live in the area, but it is strange to me to see Illinois and surrounding streets looking so orderly now. this is 19th, seen from Illinois

looking north down Illinois

and south

looking north along the Illinois St fence at the parking lot just south of Crane Cove Park

Crane Cove Park itself

the east side of Third St has been straightened and gotten its Third-St-in-Mission-Bay-standard alternating palm and lollipop trees with cobbles in the new sidewalk

the affordable project on block 3 is blue

and the west side of Third St is looking much more filled-in now in its northernmost blocks, with the hotel also making its presence felt

and, the work on the south bank of the creek, looking from Fourth toward Third

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