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Originally Posted by Londonee View Post
I still can't imagine what's going in here. This looks like a suburb in Tulsa. The sidewalks look inexplicably narrow and suburban - like the width of what you'd find in a mcmansion development. What's the deal with that? Will they widen them when the buildings start going in?

It just looks like way too much open space to develop in a weird, not super desirable location. Who wants to be the first tenant in this brownfield? Like, SYards i can visualize - there's an actual there there - in terms of location, density, TOD, and land-use. This feels like, "Hi, I'm in Delaware."

Am I crazy - or will this fill in super quickly?
Don't agree that this is in the middle of nowhere. But I agree that the street they created here is super weird. I previously criticized the fact that the sidewalk doesn't extend to the street and there will instead be a strip of presumably grass there like in the suburbs. People were quick to defend it though for reasons that weren't good enough for me to remember.

I also reiterate that it seems incredibly backwards to build this nice sidewalk and landscape it with trees, right before they hopefully will be undertaking major construction projects mere feet away. These sidewalks and trees will be destroyed by the construction process if construction projects elsewhere in the city are any indication, so this seems like a pretty incredible waste of time.
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