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I do not have a map, and I'm somewhat unsure of the Western boundary. I used to think it was 5th, but apparently it's division. I guess that makes sense since division separates downtown from the State/Liberty area. Apartment listings and my friends who live beyond division claim to be in the Kerrytown area, unless the 4th ward actually contains Kerrytown The southern border is obviously Huron since the University is on the other side. The eastern border is a bit staggered, but the historic district goes all the way to Glen, but steps back in along Catherine and up to Ingalls. and then moves along Kingsley, down State to High Street, which connects up with Division. The clump of structures dominated by the nursing school in the Northeast corner including the houses in the court is called Cornwell Place, and that area is not included in the historic district, which might explain all the ample parking up here. But some houses still remain. There used to be this incredible Spanish-Mediterranean style building not far from me, but it was demoed for parking. Only a couple of these interesting apartment buildings remain here in AA, my own being one of them

Although as I stare at water beginning to come out from beneath the baseboard, this place needs a little TLC
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