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fencing and scaffolding is down around the CCA student housing in Showplace Square. again, not a beaut, but nice to have the area cleaned up and activated a bit. moving around it from north to south

remember they squared off the corner on the west side to 90 degrees, which made some room for a seating area with tree

1 de Haro has a lot more glass now

looking north from AltaPotrero at both CCA and 1 de Haro

88 Arkansas

UCSF Psychiatry

landscaping all in at 950 Tennessee. think that takes care of this one

at Crane Cove Park, this is where 19th St will enter at the south end

it is looking about ready

when they widened the eastern portion of Mariposa a while back, they didn't completely repave it, and now it is apparent why: they are dealing with something subsurface near the intersection with Third

the SW corner of Third and 16th is now open

dredging for the ferry landing continues

(no pic, but the bayfront park site still looked inactive)

block 9W from the south side

work along the creek

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