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Originally Posted by rgolch View Post
Ok, so sorry to ask a dumb question.....

Obviously, all the renderings of the buildings and such are conceptual at this point, correct? I mean, I’m sure they have a general idea of a master plan. But hammered out, detailed plans of individual highrises are a ways off, right?

I ask because the images posted seemed too avant-garde for Related Midwest.
Perhaps, but Related has pretty deep pockets and these buildings seem more fully fleshed-out than what Magellan had initially proposed for their (also SOM-designed) master plan for Lakeshore East.

When the masterplan proposal for LSE was first released back in 2001, it was more a conceptual idea than a solid proposal - it was a lovely watercolor depicting the relative massing of the building components without much detail.

For the 78 however, perhaps Related is much further along in the process and willing to building a portion of the building shown on spec, rather than waiting to find tenants, at least for the commercial components. That doesn't mean that designs of some of the buildings won't change over the years, but so far, everything looks more realistic than least relative to LSE.
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