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You know, I admittedly prefer the traditional heavy rail proposals, especially the ones that have a stop directly on the UCLA campus and over to Wilshire, etc. But as I went through the proposals on Urbanize LA (easy to read format), I was surprised to discover that the proposed automated monorail proposals include consists that would carry just as many passengers as the traditional heavy rail consists proposed, and also ran slightly more frequently at peak (every two minutes v. every two-and-a-half). That said, my experience of riding BART for decades leads me to prefer off-the-shelf transit technology for economy and availability of parts, as with Metro's other heavy rail lines.
It doesn't provide the same capacity. That's one of the BYD dishonest sleight of hand that we've already covered in this thread and other forums. For BYD to match the capacity of the heavy rail will require them to run longer trains but their bid has short platforms and short trains - BYD's proposal is 14k ppd and max out at 19k ppd with 8 car trains (which requires longer platforms). The heavy rail project will have max of 27k ppd without additional capital costs to extend the platforms. Given the BYD base line proposal is for the short platform, it cannot physically meet the max capacity, which means the initial capacity (14k riders) is the max capacity... that's worst than some light rail train.

Go here if you want to read about it some more:

A technicality perhaps, but the route will go through/over/under the Santa Monica Mountains. The Hollywood Hills are a specific part of the same range, but farther east.

The one good thing about the monorail proposals over the Sepulveda Pass are that riders would be able to see sunlight. A million years ago, I had to take a freeway-running bus over Sepulveda pass to get to and from college, and while that obviously sucked overall, the sunshine was a silver lining.
I think I rather get to where I want to go rather than watch the sun and then walk a mile to transfer to a bus that will take me the rest of the way. The monorail runs almost entirely over the 405 freeway instead of actual place people will want to go in West LA. It's absurd to even consider it.

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