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I just spent some time reading the Transbay website, my god, that is a HUGE project!

Any idea if they will offer long-term bonds for funding? I would even contemplate dropping $10,000 on long as it is a guaranteed return!

In all honestly, I am shocked to learn they will 'start' on the project in 2008 (actual construction), and that it is so far along (as in, to the point where construction will start) - I thought this was still a 'plan'!!!

It is badass that Caltrain will go into the city itself, that will certainly make it much better for me to use! Makes it within walking distance of all the stuff I like to do (nice shopping downtown, Chinatown, financial district, basically the whole east side of the city!)

2008 for groundbreaking on a project this big is really pretty quick. I just want to see a commitment to some >1000' buildings!
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