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A family member in the Chicago-area has COVID-19 and is on oxygen, but not a ventilator. He gave a ride to a friend who was sick and now all five people in his household have it, but he is the only one in the hospital. I'm guessing he is around 45-50 years old, with pre-existing conditions? Everyone in his house was careful, wearing masks and avoiding big crowds. He wasn't vaccinated and was concerned the vaccines weren't tested enough to know if they are safe. Yes, after a year! They are safe! Get vaccinated!

Others in the family are very angry at him for not getting vaccinated.
Someone else in that same multi-generational household is now in the hospital with COVID-19. She was taken by ambulance and can't talk. We can only talk to her through text message. And we discovered she wasn't vaccinated, but did mask (2-layer surgical mask), avoided big crowds, and took advantage of delivery services to stay safe. Two others in the household seem to be doing well and decided to move-out. Someone else in the household is fine (no symptoms), but is now alone. So we know who is vaccinated. Potentially three out of five are vaccinated? This latest variant finds the unvaccinated. In the past, masking and avoiding crowds may have helped people to avoid COVID-19, but I think now only vaccination works. Get vaccinated!

Again, we are still able to communicate with her through text message. I still remember her game nights, movie collection, and cooking. She can cook anything. In a multi-generational household, there seems to be enough food for an entire city block. And usually there are always people showing-up (family, friends, neighbors) to eat and talk, staying a few hours before returning to their homes. I haven't been up there in a few years. It's a good reminder to spend more time with our family and friends.
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