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I have verified that the Google 3D Laser Scanning is extremely accurate (with rounded values). Only the official modeling. User-made is obviously not that reliable.

The 3D in Argentina is not the best (nothing comparable with the USA and Japan), however, it is incredibly accurate.

Examples from Buenos Aires City:

Building - Official Height (Google Earth Height)

• Le Parc Figueroa Alcorta - 168,8 m (169 m)

• Mulieris 1 and 2 - 164,4 m (164 m)

• Renoir II - 171,1 m (171 m)

• El Faro I and II - 160,2 m (160 m)

• Torre YPF - 160 m (160 m)

• Chateau Puerto Madero - 155,7 m (156 m)

• Mirabilia II - 142,2 m - 142 m

Also with lower buildings:

• World Trade Center I and II - 80,1 m (80 m)

• Buenos Aires Stock Exchange Annex - 71,2 m (71 m)

• AFIP - 51,4 m (51 m)

• Colonos Norte and Sur - 35,3 m (35 m)

Also in the city of Rosario we have:

• Maui I - 140,7 m (141 m)

And I have to say that many of the heights of Buenos Aires were wrong here and everywhere, because the architects or the publications showed wrong values. Google Earth revealed this and I got the official heights thanks to a survey of the city government, which endorsed the values obtained with GE.

So, in my opinion, Google Earth is more reliable than many official publications, than Emporis, and of course, than Skyscraper Center/CTBUH, which is a joke (I saw they put official heights based on my estimations in SSP —inventing decimals that I never gave, like 69.5 when my estimation was 70— and most of the heights they show are wrong, which is why I think it is one of the least reliable sources).

And about Emporis, I sent them information citing Google Earth as my source and they accepted it, using the values as the official architectural height.
So if you trust Emporis, you trust Google Earth (not to mention they have a lot of totally wrong information too).

I think it is preferable and much more useful to have a rounded height than to have a completely wrong height.
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