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Images of the Revised Proposal for Hotel, Office Building, Etc., on Lower Fayette Street

During last night’s meeting of Conshohocken’s Borough Council, representatives of Keystone Property Group made a presentation on the revised proposal to construct a hotel, new parking garage, new office building and a public square along Fayette Street between West Elm and West First.

This plan is not yet formally proposed, so it is not yet sought approval. According to the presentation, Keystone plans to seek a text amendment from Borough Council in the coming months. Securing a text amendment would allow the proposal to move forward without having to go through the Zoning Hearing Board.

This diagram shows how the plan has been scaled back since its original conception. The hotel use to be 200′ high and is now proposed at 170′ high. The office building at the corner of West 1st Avenue was scaled back from 250′ high to 150′.

One aspect of the original proposal that is no longer included is underground parking. The new plan has all parking in a new parking garage that would replace the one that is currently located on West 1st Avenue.
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