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Originally Posted by Hayward View Post
That might be a tough one. I think you have the true elevated station category where the trains run on a structure above streets, alleys, and even buildings like in Chicago and NYC. Then there's stations on rail embankments that technically accomplish the same things, but have a different appearance.
There are a few sections in Boston that still run elevated for a station or two - I think the Red Line and Blue Line both have short sections that are elevated. Of course the Orange Line used to be elevated for long stretches, but no longer is.

Miami is also mostly all elevated. Parts of BART in the Bay Area are elevated. Las Vegas has an elevated monorail line. I don't think we should count Seattle's one monorail link, but I guess you could, and as the Seattle light rail approaches SeaTac, it's elevated. Philly has some elevated sections, like the Market-Frankford Line. Atlanta's MARTA is definitely elevated in places. Some of St. Louis' MetroLink runs elevated. All of those are elevated at least in parts on either steel or concrete pillars and not only on embankments.
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