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Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
We can do this. Here are the 50 largest urbanized areas.


New York		Y, multiple lines
Los Angeles		Y, multiple lines
Chicago			Y, multilpe lines
Miami-Ft Laud.		-
Philadelphia		Y, multiple lines

Dallas			Y, 1 station
Houston			-
Washington		Y, multiple lines
Atlanta			Y, multiple lines
Boston			Y, multiple lines

Detroit			-
Phoenix			-
San Francisco-Oakland	Y, multiple lines
Seattle			Y, 5 stations
San Diego		Y, 1 station

Minneapolis-St Paul	Y, 1 station
Tampa-St Pete		-
Denver			-
Baltimore		Y, 1 line
St Louis		Y, 4 stations
San Juan		Y, 2 stations
Riverside-San Bern.	-
Las Vegas		-
Portland		Y, 1 station
Cleveland		Y, 2 stations

San Antonio		-
Pittsburgh		Y, 1 line
Sacramento		-
San Jose		-
Cincinnati		Abandoned, 1 line

Kansas City		-
Orlando			-
Indianpolis		-
Virginia Beach		-
Milwaukee		-

Columbus		-
Austin			-
Charlotte		-
Providence		-
Jacksonville		-

Memphis			-
Salt Lake City		-
Louisville		-
Nashville		-
Richmond		-

Buffalo			Y, 1 line
Hartford		-
Bridgeport-Stamford	-
New Orleans		-
Raleigh			-
Pittsburgh actually has two lines that share an underground loop, the Red Line and the Blue Line. There are currently 6 grade-separated stops within Downtown, and four are subway: Steel Plaza, Wood Street, Gateway Center, and the North Side station that opened with the North Shore Connector...
Transportation planning, building better communities of tomorrow through superior connections between them today...
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