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Originally Posted by atlantaguy View Post
I'm a little confused - I thought the FEC tracks actually went through the Downtowns, and that the Amtrak line is out by I-95. Do I have it backwards?
I did write a bit of run on sentence. The "in Orlando with Sun-Rail & Amtrak closer to downtown and the FEC at the airport" part was referring solely to the situation in Orlando.

The stations in WPB would likely be not all that far apart as the WPB Tri-Rail station is not far south of where Florida is planning to build a cross-over from the FEC to the CSX/Tri-Rail tracks.

Florida DOT set aside $118 million for a Jacksonville to Miami (Airport / Tri-Rail) corridor service. What happens to the plans for stations at Cocoa, Melbourne, Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, Stuart on the FEC tracks, but would be on the FEC Miami to Orlando corridor? Do the towns go ahead and build the stations, but ask the FEC to have some of their Miami (downtown) to Orlando trains stop at the towns? Going to be interesting to see how it sorts out.
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