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Originally Posted by 1SharpeMan View Post
Well, the good news it it sounds like you walk about 5 blocks out of your way to throw away your trash, but the problem is this invites anyone to just throw their trash on the ground because there is not a trash can around!!!! I would much rather see a "Clear Channel" Bench and trash can then litte everwhere! They are insane!
I think SCRUB has lost a lot of clout for abandoning their position as the anti-blight coalition. They're becoming seen as more of an anti-progress organization and aside from a handful of penniless hippies, they've turned off a lot of would-be supporters with the means to fund them.

I have a feeling Foxwoods and the state will be calling the shots on Market East here soon, and given what this should-be hub of commerce has become in the past 20 years, I can't say I'm all too upset about that.
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