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Cordish has built out a lot of these "Live" concepts, even some of them in the middle of nowhere in relation to the rest of a city. Look at Atlanta, the Braves decided to leave Turner Field to build a new ballpark 10 miles from downtown Atl in Cobb County. There wasn't much there at all. The Braves built the ballpark, Cordish built their Live complex (but ingrained into the ball park design), and Comcast even built an office complex there as well.

St. Louis - although the Cardinals ballpark is a lot closer to their downtown than Atlanta or here, the Cordish design really enhances the ballpark experience there--and has actually help lead to private development (luxury apts/condos) in the immediate ballpark area.

See here:

If the Braves/Cobb County and the Cardinals/St. Louis and Cordish can figure it out there, they can do it here.
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