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The parking garage needs to be painted, or maybe one of the environmental green walls like between the IBX and 1919 Market buildings. Fortunately, the building itself was placed to the far east side of the lot so as not to block out the skyline.

I would say -- although the building sucks, I hope the hotel is packed and a success. If you are a baseball fan, we will notice how the real estate along the outside/outfield portion of stadiums in DC, St. Louis (same owners, Cordish/Live! as here), Baltimore, and San Diego have drastically changed over the last decade. Granted, their ballparks are a lot closer to or in fact within downtown areas, but if this complex is a success, and finally leads to greater development at the Sports Complex it is a win.

Here is Nationals Park in DC ... literally none of those buildings existed 10 years ago:
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