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I remember seeing renderings for the proposed new interchanges for Harlem and Austin. I am sure they will redo those exchanges with the lane widening of 290, since the state and IDOT have long sought to remove the left hand exits there. They are dangerous and very tight spaces, which makes it hell with all the trucks trying to get on and off at those ramps. Too many times I've seen semis get stuck at those intersections and block traffic in all directions.

As for the managed lanes, I think it may be a good idea. Either HOV or tolled single use (why not both?) would work. It would generate revenue for IDOT, and should be fairly easy to implement. If they used I-Pass transponders, with cameras/sensors along the entire route, a car can switch into the lane, switch out at any time, and simply be billed for the miles/distance it traveled in that lane. I think all highways that get widened in the future should have this model, for a few reasons:

1. We've been talking about induced demand in this thread. This will help curb that. Adding a lane or two to a highway wont mean everyone will switch to driving as opposed to taking the CTA/Metra if it means they will have to pay for it as well.

2. Since people will always prefer the free lanes, this means you will always have a lane that is less congested than the others, allowing easier access for emergency vehicles.

This would be a good idea for the Kennedy as well, due to all the O'Hare business traveler traffic. I-90 desperately needs to be expanded to 4 lanes as it is, and creating it as a managed lane will allow the cost of construction and future maintenance to pay for itself.
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