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the last few posts left me thinking, has *any* residential built in the last, say, 50 (60, 70?) years felt like it has a SF feel, however people subjectively want to define that?

anyway, a few from yesterday...

a different angle of block 6W

I think this, on 16th St near Fourth, is new, and I imagine is part of the 16th St transit improvement project

the northern end of Crane Cove Park, next to the Ramp. the thing under the tarp is intriguing

the wrought-iron fence along Illinois may end up being park bench green. I guess I had assumed black

the adjacent parking lot has been paved. on the left is the curve of the berm that will bring 19th St down into the area

I think the mid-block passage at 950 Tennessee is slowly progressing

the Tennessee sidewalk out front

the Minnesota St side

the Tennessee side of the UCSF Psychiatry Center

they recently installed the traffic lights at the UCSF housing at 18th and Minnesota, tho not active yet

the One that needs no introduction

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