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How the F did I miss this.....from August 2019...

9-story hotel proposed on Firestone site in downtown Ann Arbor
A nine-story hotel is proposed to replace the Firestone auto repair shop that has stood at the corner of Huron an Division streets for the better part of the last century.

Several apartment high-rises have risen around the one-story building at 402 E. Huron St. in recent years.

Minnesota-based Mortenson Development Inc. is now proposing tearing it down and adding another new building to the changing downtown skyline: a 160-room “Ann Arbor Campus Hotel.”
Also, there's this neat list of new residential developments since 2000 to present;

Timeline: Ann Arbor’s downtown housing boom and what’s to come

...And of course a Library Lot update; the city has appointed a 'City Task Force' to attempt to come up with a (real) idea... anyway we all know how it's gonna probably end up going. But I did find it funny when they released their 17 conceptual sketches 6 of which look to suggest constructing a building(s) around or on a part of the lot the wasn't designed for vertical expansion (that has to be more expensive, right?). While 10 proposals actually involve building something on top of the structure were intended (not all as tall, but still, better than a park I would think). One actually proposes razing part of the library and putting a tower that looks slightly taller than the Core Spaces development in its spot, which made me LMFAO. Only one looks like its just a park. So it seems like they realize that not using the space as intended is a massive waste, makes 0 sense and is a loss for the local economy. Anyway there's a public feedback session of the concepts on January 15th, we'll see how that goes

*A couple of extra things and details
-CaVentures/Cerca Trova development should get underway in May.
-MMED Inpatient Tower has no activity on location; still a park.
-If all goes right the New College of Pharmacy building should be underway by the second quarter.
-Landmark Properties development at the old DTE office building on south main (The Standard) should get underway later this summer.

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