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Originally Posted by left of center View Post
Magellan should be able to shift more density (and therefor height) to Parcel I because (IIRC) LSE's PD was allowed a total amount of units as a whole, and the developer can shift them around between buildings. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
Basically. Magellan's revisions to the PD up until now have been swaps - they reduced the number of hotel rooms and eliminated any office component, and in both cases they were able to get additional residential density in return. The theory here is that the overall "intensity" of development is the same as what was originally envisioned in the late 90s when the PD was first approved, even though the specific mix of uses has changed.

After Site O and Cirrus/Cascade are built, Site I is Magellan's last real bite at the apple, their last chance to use up the remaining development rights in Lakeshore East (except for the small parcel at the corner of the park, which was in theory meant for a new CPS school).
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