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I think the point is getting missed here!
This is not a discussion about converting a religious building into another religious building with all the moral and ideologic concerns about it. It's not about a Church that gets a Mosque. That days are over and the building we have today is the heritage of being a church hat has been transformed into a mosque already.
The discussion we are having now is a discussion about a secularized building getting transformed into a mosque again!
That a museum open to everybody which tried to preserve the cultural heritage of byzantine AND the ottoman transformation now is getting a religious use again and faces some constrains!

What about all the byzantinic-christian mosaics that have been unveiled and restored over the last decades? are they to be hidden because they are inappropriate in a mosque but must be preserved due to questions of heritage-preservation? What about the precious stone floor with the marble omphalion, now covered up again by carpets due to the mosque usage.
What about visitors and what are they allowed to visit and perceive of the building which consists of multi-cultured marks of history?

That is the kind of questions we have to ask.
To blame crusaders or ottoman conquerors or to discuss the moral implications of transforming an religious building of one kind to another kind is an obsolete duscussion because this is not the case!
We as a secular or multi-religious public just lost open access to an important piece of human heritage. And this heritage was shaped by a church being already transformed to a mosque and later opened to the public as a museum due to its universal importance!
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