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Originally Posted by Vlajos View Post
Wtf? Everyone had slaves in 600 AD. Pagans, Christians, Hindus, etc. How did the Christian Church ravage Constantinople?
Not denying it was a common practice back then but that´s the way it was and the way most of those glorious buildings were built, it was not just art and ingenuity.

"The Sack of Constantinople occurred in April 1204 and marked the culmination of the Fourth Crusade. Crusader armies captured, looted, and destroyed parts of Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire"

The french man who was sent by the pope among others to lead the crusades and who also led the sacks and atrocities to the city and its christian inhabitans was crowned in the same Hagia Sophia as emperor of Constantinople, so for me if they want to adore Allah or God in that place is not as relevant as the background of people using religion and believers to their own benefit and greed

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