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Originally Posted by LouisVanDerWright View Post
I'm still not sure how you are concluding that River Point is a box, it's an elliptical floorplate with indentations on both ends set on an angle to the street grid. It is topped by a multi story rounded crown. Now sure you can say maybe the design could be more adventuresome, but to call it a box is silly. Is it a box because it has the same floorplate for 50 stories? Is that what you are trying to get at? That every floorplate needs to change or a building is a box? That seems to be what you are getting at considering the wide range of designs you are lumping together as "boxes". Hate to break it to you, but changing the floorplate more than a few times in an office building is a deal breaker because of how it screws with leasing and space planning for tenants.

Also curious what you think of Vista, is that a box? Is Trump Tower a box? Does Aqua count as a box? What exactly makes something a box to you?
Oh for fuck sake, fine, it's LITERALLY not a box. But it's a very mediocre variation on a rectangle, cf. Aqua and Wanda which very much redefine what a retangle can be. Trump is its own giant cock thing. Def not a box. I dig it. As much as I despise it's namesake.