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Even more so in 2022, if a city can keep things at least somewhat safe & clean, that's increasingly an accomplishment....forget about how many tall bldgs are in dtla or if the MTA has subways all over the place. At least keep things somewhat safe & somewhat clean. Is that too much to ask for or expect?

I won't even mention the drought causing fountains to go dry & lawns to turn sections of dt are less kinetic or less green looking than they were in the past. btw, a person in the dtla townsquare of facebook posted a few months ago that he'd contact officials at LA city hall to try to get them to deal with dead trees or empty tree wells in dt. The person said his complaints wouldn't go anywhere & he was just about totally ignored.

That is an embarrassment to Los Angeles, stressed Jeffrey Daniels, director of the architecture and interior design program at UCLA Extension. "This should have been taken care of years ago as a way to beautify the city," he said. "You travel to any other major metropolis in the world and it is fairly unusual to see it covered with power poles."

still, things like this...the corner of 1st St & grand, one side of it long a parking lot, is why LA in 2022 in certain ways is better than it has ever been.

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