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NY DOB sky-plane codes requiring the mass of the building to taper away from the streetwall as is gains height, so most new developments of any height or FAR are required to pull away from the streetwall to accomodate the requirement even if that makes for bad urban design or is aesthetically detrimental. Many architects and the developers that pay them meet this requirement in the most economically beneficial way by having only a very short (and almost always awkward) base that meets the property line while maximizing allowable square footage by building a shaft set back from the streetwall straight up so floorplates remain the same and floors are increased. This may make moderately taller structures on the side streets but destroys a very basic urban design tenet in the process, and in my opinion is a betrayal of the basic stewardship in guiding the building of the public realm the city is entrusted with.

For the unintended consequences see this tower or virtually all new budget hotel towers in the West 30s as well as throughout the city.

A particularly horrific example.
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