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Originally Posted by Murphy de la Sucre View Post
I say this is the best angle for Detroit skyline. RC is perfectly integrated into the horizontal line.

Balance and harmony are key to urban skyline photo, not from the river showing wow RC is so special from others.
Thanks! I absolutely agree the RC being back from the core instead of forward as seen along the river gives a proper balance otherwise lacking. My favorites are set back slightly more so laying out some midtown density at the foot of the skyline while adding extra width provided by the AT&T building cluster & DTE HQ.

I don’t have a good example at hand right now but here’s a couple older shots along those lines. This one from a position slightly further NW would include the mid rises around the cultural center & Wayne St. campus.


Not ideal if I get time to search for a new medium between the two I’ll post. The best shots from this direction tend to be from real estate listings it can take you down a bit of a rabbit hole to find what your looking for. Haha

Apartment Finder -

Bonus shot Brush Park + Midtown

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