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Originally Posted by rlw777 View Post
I think you're getting the cart before the horse here so to speak. The only thing that's obvious here is that the folks making the decision about the presidential library don't want to deal with the bad press or lawsuits that would most definitely happen over the proposed land if it wasn't approved beforehand. In my opinion that's just good business practice. I wouldn't take a bid that I wasn't sure could deliver what it proposes. It's quite a stretch then to say they aren't open to other options. Infact the land in question was picked by UofC so if there is finger pointing to be done I think it should be at the people putting the proposal together.
You don't need to have very specific ideas about what you want from the foundations perspective in order to say that you have no interest in building a structure in the park.

If they were committed to NOT building a structure in the park they would express that or at the very least they wouldn't have the University and going to bat for it. This is being driven by the foundation. You think the city or university would push the park issue if the foundation didn't want it at least open to them?

The foundation expresses what it wants (or at least have the option of) and wants other players to go out and fight and get it so as not have the office of the Presidency and his reputation besmearched by such fights (predictably but understandably).
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