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not 1313 Mockingbird Lane

I see no smoke, but I do see hoses running into it--this picture is labeled "after a fire."


Speaking of TV-family houses--here is an often-photographed house at 3115 W. Adams Blvd, which I've seen referred to as the "Munster house." There is somewhat of a resemblance, and I suppose this one could have inspired the designers of the house on the Universal back lot that still stands, but it wasn't used for that show. Anyway, in the Google Street View it looks a mess. I found it on the website whose link is below--asking price $1,900,000. Scroll down and click on "Picture Virtual Tour" for more pics--I know this is a huge house, but it looks like a wreck to me. Is there really a market for something like this in these times, in a neighborhood far from its heyday, for such a price? OK, it is by a famous architect, Joseph Cather Newsom, who did, among others, the Sessions House in Angelino Heights. According to the website, there are bungalows on West 30th St going for $850,000--and I know little about the r/e market in L.A.--but I'm amazed, even with what we pay in Manhattan for space. Notice the window through the fireplace.

The Munster house, more recently.
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