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Looking through this guideline document for 5 World Trade Center, on page 198 the Performing Arts Center is referred to as the "Performing Arts Center Visitor Orientation & Education Center".

The PAC has sometimes been referred to as the Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center but not by the designation in that guideline document for 5 World Trade Center. This might be the unofficial full name of the building.

The orientation and education terms in that name could be referring to how the Performing Arts Center will incorporate themes from 9/11 and the processes that followed in the wake of 9/11 into some of the works presented there.

Originally Posted by pico44 View Post
I don’t know, make a door at the top of the stairs. I’ll tell you what they shouldn’t do. They shouldn’t build some permanent or even semi-permanent barrier which would destroy that striking corner entrance. This would disrupt the aesthetic vision of the architects and make a near-perfect piece of design decidedly imperfect.
Maybe something like those make shift AquaFence flood barriers or a temporarily constructed, tightly fastened tarp reinforced with steel netting could work. If water gets into the structure, considering the wooden paneling of the ceiling it's going to cause a mess and a lot of potential rot. That would mainly happen with southerly or southwesterly winds and precipitation, but Lower Manhattan is no stranger to such conditions in nor'easters and hurricanes.

Maybe there is an online document pdf somewhere detailing what they plan to do to secure the open southwestern entrance in the event of nor'easters, tropical storms and hurricanes.
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