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Originally Posted by J_M_Tungsten View Post
^^^ Seriously. Why don't they actually attempt to fill the old post office with stuff first, then see if they need more room!
I'm guessing his general idea is that just prettying up the post office in that part of Chicago wouldn't create enough interest to draw enough people to justify even that. And the lack of other bidders and big ideas from other parties does kind of make that seem probable.

So, conjecture here, he thinks if he creates a huge splash and excitement and enough of a critical mass to attract more than just people who live downtown, he can make a go of it.

Certainly, it falls into the "make no small plans" category, as well in the history of showmanship and boosterism that Chicago has. It seems hard to make work, but I have to admit I'd rather see people try and fail at things like this than build another set of beige skyscrapers with no visual interest and limited ability to draw attention from anyone other than retirees from Gurnee.
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