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That photo of the "curving terrace" is just jaw dropping.....

The contrast of new and old - amazing.

Photos like this make me appreciate Chicago so much more from an architectural perspective. I have spent this month in Paris, and this might sound crazy, but I feel these weird parallel DNA strands between the two cities.

Walking through the parks in central Paris.... Seeing the fountain at the gardens at Versailles that look oddly like Buckingham Fountain..... The emphasis on architecture, food, and blending it together. Or maybe I am reaching for some connection that isn't there.

When I see the neo-gothic style of old Chicago buildings built in this era, I can't help but think Paris had an influence on those who built the pillars of Chicago after the fire. So seeing these photos of the Tribune tower rehabs now just make me appreciate it even more from a distance. The integration of the old Tribune Tower with new interior design here is worth every penny.

très incroyable