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Originally Posted by ThePhun1 View Post
New York would have to decline as America's center of the universe for it to merge with another CSA in any logical way. It already has declined in that fashion to some degree but I mean more like an internal Rust Belt-like decline with Philadelphia picking up some of the outspill, especially the media ventures.
Originally Posted by ThePhun1 View Post
For that to happen, others would have to grow exponentially while NYC neutralized or even shrank some. Imagine if half of NYC's population left for, Philly, Trenton, JC, Newark and South Jersey. That's about the only way it could become a true mega-region and combined area.
NYC-Philadelphia is already a single CSA in function. No decline, neutralization, or shrinkage of NYC is needed.

Areas that are much closer physically and culturally to Philadelphia and are within the Philly media market are currently included in the New York CSA (Trenton and Allentown/Lehigh Valley). Additionally, daily commuting to NYC/North Jersey for residents of Bucks County, PA (Philly suburbs) via Amtrak, Amtrak/NJ Transit, SEPTA/NJ Transit, NJ Transit (directly from Trenton), or via bus or personal vehicle is very common.
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