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Work on roof paneling placement has progressed since late February 2022 but is still incomplete on the east portion of the roof.

Triangular and rectangular pits to the southeast of the building have become apparent. A few days before, these pits were filled with red and green pigment, respectively, of some kind.

Now these pits are once again bare and have no pigment showing.

Not much much else notable, significant changes have been seen.

However, a concrete pour at street level to the north of the building has been in progress as of the late morning and early afternoon, Friday March 11, 2022.

It is possible this is for the street level below the north terrace (where an outdoor restaurant is planned) or for a portion of the north entry roadway leading into the parking garage.

Also here is an article from February 2022 that talks about the hours that the PAC will be open and what it will offer to visitors.

Additionally there is this detail on the Port Authority of NY and NJ site


Currently under construction, The Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center will bring theater, music, dance, and film to the World Trade Center and Lower Manhattan. The center will be a 129,000-square-foot, cultural center with multiple performance spaces and a public cafe and lounge, located at the intersection of Vesey, Fulton, and Greenwich Streets.

Once complete, a public plaza between the Center and One World Trade Center will accommodate pop-up outdoor performances and seating for the campus.

Construction started in 2019 after the temporary WTC PATH Station entrance that occupied this location was closed, and the new WTC PATH Station in the Oculus opened.
With the recent opening of the east plaza of 1 WTC pretty much confirmed (, more elements of the old WTC site are coming into place.

Pop-up outdoor performances and seating were also present on the east plaza of the original WTC site (including up to the last day that the towers were still standing).

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