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Originally Posted by allovertown View Post
The guy is clearly a creep, however you brought this on yourself. I told you it was a very bad idea to broadcast to an online forum the exact address of a condo you bought. I suggested you delete your post and your laughed me off.

Well, predictably some nut job followed all the breadcrumbs you carelessly left directing anyone who felt like following them to your identity. For your sake i hope his creepy stalker tendencies are reserved for threatening messages online and he doesn't appear on your doorstep one day.
Thank you...It would have been better not to have posted that, but there was too much water under the bridge and too many response posts to delete it at the point you suggested. Judging by the pace of construction in this city, we may all die before the condo completes anyway...not for nothing, but rehashing that again in the post you just made probably only makes it worse...good chance it's also not that. This person is probably a member or urbanphl, a facebook group a number of us who post here are active in. Let's get back to the Hyatt Centric!