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Originally Posted by Kippis View Post
^ Booooooooo.

Can't really complain though. Studio Gang's design looks slick no matter how you dice it. Great addition to the area. This question most likely has already been asked (so please forgive my ignorance), but is there a preliminary start date in place for groundbreaking on CHP? The official site calls for a 2014 opening, but...
I think they're still aiming to start construction early next year but I suppose that's all dependent on finalizing the TIF (now a smaller amount than before) and financing.

Originally Posted by Chicago Shawn View Post
^The high-rise still an excellent design, but that podium sucks; really destroys the whole aesthetic of the project. Studio Gang needs to find a more elegant solution to this. No parking would be nice, but that's not going to happen.
Well the parking is all underground. The second floor is actually retail, possibly TJ Maxx and Michaels (apparently they don't like or need windows?).

Originally Posted by untitledreality View Post
Is is scrapped completely or is it possible they could be following the lead of Harper Court and keeping the option open for a second stage of construction?
Completely I believe. The orientation of the remaining tower has changed and I don't think there is any space left for a second lobby/elevator core.

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