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Originally Posted by The North One View Post
The flippant demolition of irreplaceable gems in NYC seems rampant. In any other city people would be screaming bloody murder about this. And it's so swept under the rug, you can barely find information about these very recently extinct prominent buildings. In Chicago it would be front page news.
Yeah some of them are just horrific acts. Even worse is when the replacement is garbage. IDK if you've seen it, but if you haven't seen the rendering for 29th and 5th, which is u/c for this parcel, don't look at the rendering if you want to remain happy. Its just a horrible design.

I think some of us are willing to compromise if the replacement is exquisite or equal in beauty, but sometimes the garbage that replaces it is the real ache.

Here's the rendering for those that want to ruin their sleep.

Here's a particularly vomit inducing rendering:

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